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"What to look for when buying kefir?"

The Best Source of Probiotics in Less than 2 Min a Day.

Whether you are a master Kefir Maker or using Kefir Starter or brand new to the knowledge of kefir grains let me show you several things that will simplify your kefir making process.

Cool Kefir Info:
  1. What the bodybuilders should know.

  2. Why I choose Milk Kefir.

  3. Making Kefir, the Original Method.

  4. Magical Powers.

  5. The MP Method of Kefir.

I had made kefir before but after following the basic instructions on your vids I am getting a drink that literally blew me away. Not only was it very tasty but I could actually feel it doing me good during and after drinking it. So I am hooked on this fine superfood now and am looking forward to the long term health benefits it will bring.

Cheers from Bonnie


 My Reason When Buying Kefir

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